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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A BodyTalk Session Like?

BodyTalk sessions are gentle, comfortable, and safe.  There is no need for disrobing nor special preparations.  A session consists of mostly gentle muscle-checking on your arm and some gentle tapping on your head and sternum while you are lying down.  Most people experience deep relaxation during and after the session.

How Long Is A BodyTalk Session?

The initial session usually takes about 1.5 hours, and a follow-up session usually takes about 1 hour.  The sessions are guided by your body, and the lengths of the sessions may vary.  Your body knows just how many changes and corrections it is ready to initiate in any given session, and will therefore indicate when the session is complete.  It may also indicate a good time for a follow-up session.  The length of a session is not indicative of the quality of the session or the results that occur, as even the simplest sessions can be very profound.  

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Imagine yourself as a light bulb.  Your light is on, but over the years you have collected layers of dust and your light is not quite shining through.  With the first session we can get rid of the first layer of dust so you can shine a little more, and with the next session we can get rid of the next layer of dust so you can shine even more, and so on.  Eventually we get rid of enough dust so you can truly shine.  Since each one of us has collected dust differently over time, the number of sessions needed is different for each of us.  In most cases significant shifts are observed after 1 to 3 sessions, and the concerns are addressed after 3 to 8 sessions.  Sometimes 1 session is all that's needed, but those cases are rare.  

How Often Should I Have BodyTalk Sessions?

At the end of each session I check with your body to see if a follow-up session is a priority.  If it is, I check for a good time for the follow-up session.  The time between sessions can vary each time, but for a new client anything between 1 to 3 weeks is common.

Is BodyTalk Safe?

BodyTalk is non-invasive and it is completely safe.  If a BodyTalk technique is somehow implemented "incorrectly", your body will simply ignore it and there will be no result or change; it will not make things worse.  Because of this built-in safety factor, anyone who receives BodyTalk has nothing to lose and everything to gain as far as his or her health and wellness is concerned.

Can BodyTalk Cause Any Discomfort During Or After The Session?

Discomfort is rarely experienced during or after a BodyTalk session, but sometimes some mild discomfort does arise as a part of the healing process.  Some examples include headache, pain, tingling, heat, etc.  The discomfort usually passes within a few minutes, and none of my clients have reported any discomfort that is worthy of concern.

Can BodyTalk Be Integrated With Other Healthcare Regimen?

Yes!  BodyTalk can be used as a stand alone system to treat many chronic and acute health problems, or can be seamlessly integrated with any healthcare regimen to support you through your healing process.

What Is A BodyTalk Session For My Animal Like?

We can use you as a surrogate for a BodyTalk session for your animal.  In any case, your animal will not need to be present at the session.  It will look and feel like a session for you, but our focus will be on your animal. 

What Is A Distance/Remote BodyTalk Session Like?

A distance/remote BodyTalk session can be conducted over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime.  You may lie down at a quiet and comfortable place with your eyes closed, and at times I may ask you to place your hands over certain parts of your body and do some gentle tapping on yourself.  I will guide you through the process and you can relax throughout the session.

What Kind Of Payments Do You Accept?

We accept cash, checks, credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash.